Let’s rebuild scientific inquiry

ON TUESDAY, Nov. 16, there was a public hearing for a non-germane amendment to HB255 for the purpose of requiring exemptions for conscience, religion, and medical, including prior infection, for all entities in the state of New Hampshire when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. The amendment was supported by hundreds of health care workers, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens and opposed almost exclusively by lobbyists and a handful of Democrat legislators. Luckily, the committee heeded the will of The People and passed the amendment with a bipartisan vote.

Immediately following the vote, Rep. David Luneau (D-Hopkinton), released the following statement for the minority: “In a last-ditch attempt to deny science and promote conspiracy theories, House Republicans disrespected the legislative process today by amending an unrelated education bill with language undermining public health and safety during a pandemic.” This rhetoric is typical of a long line of gross fabrications from Democrats across the country, who hope to politically capitalize on people’s suffering and pain from a prolonged pandemic.

To correct the record, in no way was the legislative process disrespected. The entire reason the non-germane hearing exists is to do exactly what was done here: to take a bill and replace or add to its language with something on a different subject or concerning a different part of statute. This is common practice by both parties and to suggest otherwise is nothing more than political obfuscation.

But the most egregious mistruth in Rep. Luneau’s statement is the suggestion that those who oppose vaccine mandates “deny science” or are promoting “conspiracy theories,” when the hearing last week proved the opposite. It was clear that folks like Rep. Leneau are in fact, the science deniers. Those who testified against the amendment had very little to say other than empty corporate media catch phrases such as, “safe and effective,” “vaccines save lives”, and “it’s for safety” — without any actual science to back up those statements. Parroting such tired phrases without any research behind it is not science, it is the ideology of a cult and dangerous to actual science.

Science is about free thinking, exploration, research, data analysis, and especially discourse. But people like Rep. Leneau attempt to shut down any conversations about these vaccines by smearing legitimate questions backed by real data and research, claiming that questioning the prevailing pharma-controlled narrative is denying science. According to Rep. Leneau, unless we only listen to a handful of bureaucrats and ignore the countless doctors, epidemiologists, and scientists who have come to different conclusions, we are “denying science” as if science is a settled, single opinion. No! Real science requires repeated testing and inquiry, as well as evolving positions as new evidence comes to light. During the public hearing, I didn’t hear any opposition testimony citing a single study, research paper, or data point.

By contrast, the supporting testimony was filled with research and science. My own testimony was created with the help of a half a dozen doctors, epidemiologists, and public health experts. I delivered 141 studies (1,600 pages of printed material) to the committee to support my claims — that natural immunity is broad, durable, and long lasting; that COVID-19 vaccinations cannot prevent community outbreaks; that COVID-19 vaccine efficacy wanes; and that COVID-19 vaccinated people can spread COVID-19 just as easily as an unvaccinated person when infected — all of which renders a COVID-19 vaccine mandate useless in terms of halting the spread of disease.

Dr. Meryl Nass, a doctor who has spent the pandemic treating COVID patients, came to share data on outcomes in children when it comes to the COVID-19 disease versus vaccine side effects, as well as issues concerning the adequacy of the clinical trials, COVID-19 treatments, and the legality of liability concerning the vaccines. She also submitted medical studies to the committee.

Other testimony shared the all-cause mortality research done in the Moderna and Pfizer clinical trials, which concluded that neither vaccine reduced all-cause mortality. She then showed examples of the data in highly-vaccinated populations of Israel, the UK, and Germany showing an increase in all-cause mortality since the introduction of the COVID-19 shots — data which correlates with the clinical trial research.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, “the science” has become nothing more than a synonym for “authority.” The narrative espoused by public health officials — but not backed by actual science — has become an article of religious faith for Democrats, who have tried to use it as a political weapon against their adversaries. They bludgeon everyone in their path who dares to question COVID dogma with slogans disguised as scientific fact. It is they who tarnish the idea of science by promoting blind adherence to propaganda and shutting down intellectual inquiry that would threaten their authoritarian aims.

Science isn’t meant to be unilaterally trusted. Science is meant to be tested. It’s time we tested their “science” instead of complying without questioning.

Originally published in the Union Leader.

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