About Kelley

I am passionate about fighting for our freedoms and the rights of my family and community in the Live Free or Die state. When the unconstitutional shutdown occurred, it became more than my full-time job. I have worked with many of the great Republicans in our state house for almost three years as an activist on the “outside.” I have testified at dozens of hearings and committees on bills and helped motivate constituents to do the same through all means of communication, from social media to petitions, rallies, emails, and more. When a family needed me at a school board meeting, I was there. I have met the greatest people across this amazing state through all of this and can relate to the many struggles that working-class families are facing, especially this fall and winter.

I learned the legislative process by immersing myself in it and have studied the New Hampshire Constitution for 3 years. Although the dealings happening in Concord can be grueling and frustrating (because we want it to move a lot quicker than it does), I decided several months ago that I wanted to use my influence to impact the “inside.” We have a multitude of problems to fix in this country, and we need to do everything possible to protect our beautiful state from the encroachment of the federal government. I will work hard to help protect and save New Hampshire.

You can trust that I will always vote to protect the rights of the people in Rochester and all Granite Staters. I strongly believe that keeping the public educated and informed about what is occurring in Concord (the truth of what is going on) is critical. “Responsive leaders prefer knowledge and information to be spread as widely as possible among the population because an informed public is necessary to govern effectively; independent thought produces original ideas and is the key factor by which we progress as a society. When independent thought is stifled, society is and will remain stagnant until it is free to flourish once again.” Teresa Stover

My votes will always align with the conservative principles that are outlined here. I humbly ask for your vote on November 8th and thank you in advance for placing your trust in me.

I am honored to have the endorsement of the following organizations:
~ Cornerstone Action
~ New Hampshire Firearms Coalition (NHFC)
~ New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA)
~ New Hampshire Right to Life (NHRTL)
~ RebuildNH (formerly called ReopenNH)
~ Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)

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